BRAZIL / Former President Jair Bolsonaro

  "Mind Education has garnered much attention

  in the field of education. We will implement

  Mind Education into public education in order

  to address Brazilian youth problems."

 KENYA / Former President Uhuru Kenyatta

 "Mind Education is not only for the youth, police

  and inmates - but for all people. This education

  can transform mindsets and is really important

  and essential."


Deputy Minister of Education

Avi Ganon

"It's a very interesting educational concept. Our goal is to graft Mind Education onto the Israeli Ministry of Education and create a plan to work together."


Vice Minister of Education

Dr. Fernando Griffith

"Mind Education provided the innovative education model that Paraguay was looking for. I hold firm to my belief that there is no better education than this."


State Minister of Education

V. S. Radhakrishnan

"We are planning to train aspiring teachers at 16 colleges of education and 9 graduate schools of education to be able to teach Mind Education in addition to their major. Furthermore, we are planning to develop current teachers to be able to teach Mind Education by incorporating it into the curriculum at 108 teacher training institutes."


Former Minister of Education

Dr. shiferaw Teklemariam

"Through Mind Education, youths will grow up to be even better in the future if they learn thinking ability, self-control and exchange. Mind Education that changes the heart of the people will lead Ethiopia anew."


Deputy Minister of Culture and Education

Hon. Gaston Oscar Bruno

"Youths are suffering from drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. I'm sure that this Mind Education will help us understand the values and norms of our youth and provide us with a solution to the problem, and this education is truly necessary for our leaders."


Bronx Education and Youth Director

Monica Major

"I've been working with students throughout my career. I would also like to get to know more about this amazing mind education curriculum, and want to look into ways of getting this implemented into schools in our district. I'd like for American principals and teachers to get to know more about this Mind Education."