"Power of Mind Education"

The core values of Mind Education are: 

Deep thinking, Self-control and Exchange.

If the youth learn these 3 core values, they will be able to overcome any obstacle in life and grow to become sound, strong-minded people.

And so the solution to addressing youth problems is to first educate and change their mindsets.

Because at the end of the day: a Changed Mind, leads to a Changed Life, which then brings about a Changed World.

The Digital Transformation Era: Mind Education is the Future.

In the era of digital transformation, we are facing new educational challenges. In response to this, the 10th IYF Education Forum has set its theme as "The Digital Transformation Era: Mind Education is the Future."

Mind Education has demonstrated remarkable educational effects in various fields of education over the past few years, garnering attention and adoption by many governments and educational institutions. In this forum, we aim to explore why Mind Education is becoming the core of future education in the era of digital transformation.

Through this theme, we will examine how Mind Education can contribute to changing the lives of youth and addressing new challenges in the rapidly advancing digital society. We will discuss the ways in which Mind Education can help youth cope with these challenges and foster positive transformations.

Let us delve into this important topic together, gaining insights into reimagining the core values of education and exploring innovative approaches for a better future of education.